What Makes Tulsa The Place So Many People Want to Call Home?

Tulsa was at one time an open, untamed prairie land. Then it became an oil boom town. And today with more than 900,000 residents, it is one of the largest cities in the United States. It straddles the Midwest part of the country and the Southern part too, creating a distinct culture environment that attracts more businesses and more residents every year.

Tulsa is a town known for its hospitality. With down-to-earth residents that are warm and welcoming while being passionate about their hometown. And that passion is for those that were born here and raised here and those that have moved here. They’re all passionate about T-Town and will be proud to tell you what you want to know about it.

There are people living here in Tulsa that come from all walks of life that create this community. While each person is different, there are many things that bring them together.  T-Town host several popular events year-round that Tulsans and visitors enjoy. There are people that travel here from other states to join in the fun such as Mayfest and Oktoberfest, as well many other festivals, each one full of food and fun.

The U.S. News ranked Tulsa at #59 out of 100 metro areas. Their criteria they used for this analyzation included local job market and the local cost of living as well as several other factors that are crucial to draw more people. With the relatively low pricing for the average home here in Tulsa, it wasn’t any surprise to the residents.